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Swinton Insurance Contact Centre
Swinton Insurance - Careers Films
We created a range of video content for the Swinton Insurance Careers site from highly crafted commercials to people profiles. Colourful neon icons are drawn in CGI and then become real, adding amazing light sources to these stylish films.
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University of York
University of York - Be Exceptional
The University of York is a Russell Group University where students study and live in an inspirational place. It wasn't difficult to capture the stories and the footage that would show how students who go to York can be exceptional.
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Superservice Triage – Vehicle Heath Check
House of Fraser - Let's Do The Extraordinary
An award-winning recruitment film which places the extraordinary people who build their careers at House of Fraser at the centre of the scene - literally.
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Epilepsy Action Jack's Story
Epilepsy Action - Jack's Story
Jack, Ali and Anna all have epilepsy. We were commissioned to make a series of six short animated films to find out how epilepsy affects them.
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Chris Catalyst Sticks and Stones
Chris Catalyst - Sticks and Stones
Eureka Machines frontman Chris Catalyst wanted a colourful promo video for his debut solo track. After a very eventful day filming at our studio, that's exactly what we made.
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Holland and Barrett
Holland and Barrett - A Year in the Life
Starting a new career in retail can be a daunting experience. Holland and Barrett commissioned a short film to show how new starter Meg developed over her first year from newbie to confident expert.
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SimplyBiz Group - Partnership Event 2015
SimplyBiz Group - Partnership Event 2015
The opening of a medieval themed event and an adventurous journey through the ancient lands of The SimplyBiz Group. This formed the basis of a set of awards VTs shown to a merry audience throughout the evening.
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Superservice Triage - Capture, Share, Sell
Superservice Triage - Capture, Share, Sell
We take a look at the benefits of using video and image capture when performing a vehicle health check with Superservice Triage.
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Will James
Will James - Messes With Your Mind
Most businesses need a short video to introduce them to their audience. It could be an elevator pitch, a testimonial or an interview with some of the team. In this case, we took a very direct approach with Hypnotist Will James as he looks straight through you in his piece to camera.
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Segmentation Group - Re-brand
Segmentation Group - Re-brand
Segmentation Group went through a complete re-brand. We worked with these new brand assets and came up with a playful animated infomercial featuring bespoke illustrated elements and typography.
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stod fold brewery
Stod Fold Brewery - Our Story
The art of beermaking as shown in this mini-documentary about the Stod Fold Brewery. We get to hear all about why they brew such beautifully crafted Yorkshire beer as well as sample some deliciously quaffable ales.
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Why Choose 4N?
4Networking - Why Choose 4N?
Why join 4Networking, the UK's only joined-up business network? In this film we ask members how 4Networking helps to raise their profile.
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Client image
Altodigital - Optimise
An animated figure walks along, filled with dread as he faces a big problem with his print management. The solution appears before him – Altodigital Optimise.
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SimplyBIz Group - Timeline
SImplyBiz Group - Timeline
A visual timeline depicts landmarks in the history of the SimplyBiz Group from it's inception to the current day.
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The features and benefits of joining USDAW
The Co-operative - Joining USDAW
An internal piece of communication to all new Co-Operative colleagues about why they should join USDAW. We worked with colleagues who braved the camera and presented confidently and clearly.
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The Scaramanga Six Trouble
The Scaramanga Six - Trouble
As you can see from this music video we don't do 'genres'. A high energy dance video for a rock song? Preposterous? Of course!
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Thales XPI
Thales - XPI
Thales recently acquired XPI Simulation to strengthen their land training capabilities. We take a site visit to talk to the people behind the innovation.
Find out more – Break The Cycle – Break The Cycle
Line drawings appear as a very engaging diagram showing the cycle of crime and how you can help break it with Tier1 Recycling.
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Burnage Academy for Boys
Burnage Academy for Boys
A video prospectus showing how you can be the best you can be at Burnage Academy for Boys.
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Commercial Contract Engineers – Right First Time
Commercial Contract Engineers – Right First Time
We follow the exploits of an unfortunate animated man who is having a bad day. CCE show him how to get things right first time with commercial vehicle recovery and avoid stress.
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Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers - Soymilk
How do you milk a bean? Find out in this quirky music video where the band conducts a series of bizarre experiments to understand the mystery that is soymilk.
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altodigital managed document services
Altodigital – Managed Document Services
MDS is explained in this futuristic film showing how Altodigital can manage your document services. Abstract floating infographics surround the user as she interacts with her surroundings.
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St Hilda's College
St. Hilda’s Sixth Form College – Welcome
A video prospectus for St. Hilda’s Sixth Form College using only words and still pictures. Simple design-led messages with After Effects jiggery-pokery.
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CPME - That’s More Like It!
A tasty little animated infomercial for CPME – world leaders in MRF design, build and recycling equipment.
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The wind up birds
Davan Caravans - 75th Anniversary
We were commissioned to make a short commercial film celebrating the 75th anniversary of Davan Caravans and Motorhomes. Also into the bargain we populated their site with individual video guides to each department.
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smarter, faster, easier
Altodigital - Mobility
We follow three businesspeople in slow motion as they use Altodigital’s mobile print technology on the go. Live action merges with fast-paced motion graphics.
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school tv
SchoolTV – A Window to the World
Why is online video the best marketing tool - and why should schools care? Here are a few quick facts about the viewing habits of the audience of today.
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simplybiz partnership event
SimplyBiz - Partnership Event 2014
The opening of an event and an impactful piece of 3D. This formed the basis of a set of awards VTs shown to a merry audience throughout the evening.
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United utilities water
United Utilities – Health and Safety
We like to apply high production values to all pieces of communication, even if they are a standard part of a heath and safety induction.
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Leeds Metropolitan University
Leeds Metropolitan University – Postgraduate Courses
We interviewed a variety of postgraduate students about why they chose to live and study in Leeds and where their futures now lie for this two minute commercial.
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Navajo Youth
Navajo Youth - Heartbreaker
We simply couldn’t resist the brief to make an eighties-style pop video. Think of all the colour, the footloose dancing and all that hairspray. The end result is a visual treat.
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We love the moving image. In fact, we have a passion for it. Big or small screen and wherever your viewers watch, it is an irresistible opportunity to fill a space with colourful pictures and words, to make a statement and say something. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to produce film, video, motion graphics and animation for all mediums: broadcast or non-broadcast television, events or commercial film. Whether it is internal or external communication, we can help you say what you need to say in a memorable way.

There is no point in making a program that nobody wants to watch. We want to make things interesting. Very interesting. We are Thunder and Lightning. The electrifying film company. 


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