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Stod Fold Brewery - Our Story

The art of beermaking as shown in this mini-documentary about the Stod Fold Brewery. We get to hear all about why they brew such beautifully crafted Yorkshire beer as well as sample some deliciously quaffable ales.

Video is a fantastic way to tell your story. A well shot piece of film lets your clients take a look at what you do and why you do it.

We were recently commissioned by Stod Fold Brewery to make a couple of videos that get behind the scenes to display the expertise and passion they have for brewing their extremely quaffable ales. The main video looks at how Stod Fold Brewery creates the beer and gives the viewer a real insight into the craft and care involved in creating a superbly smooth pint. The second video acts as a guide to the beers that are created and we ask the team, including helper Berkley the dog, what their favourite beers are and why. Now when the brewery is talking to a bar interested in taking on a cask or two of delectable Yorkshire ale, they can simply point them to their website and show them exactly how it was all done.




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