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Promotional Video

It's difficult for your brand to be noticed amongst all the other noise in a competitive market. You need to find a way to stand out above your competitors.

Thunder and Lightning Films can help you produce an amazing promotional video that will help you do just that. 

Here's the deal

We will help you significantly increase your visibility on the web. A promotional video is the number one way of engaging new clients, retaining old ones and selling your business services.

You are the one who knows the best way to speak to your clients or your people

We are experts in listening and getting that out of you! We will then work on a strategy to get that message across in video format so that your customers understand what you are trying to say.

Take a look at some of the different forms your promotional video can take:

Company Overview Videos

If you want to showcase the overall services and culture of your business, we will help you find the right voice for communicting with your customers.

Product Videos

If you have a specific product to sell, we can show it in it's best light through the medium of video.

Location Videos

We can shoot promotional video for you on location.


Corporate Video

We work with a broad range of organisations on their vision for video representations of their business.

Act Promotional Videos

If you have an act we can help you promote yourself through video.

Contact us to discuss ideas you have for your next promotional video.

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We love the moving image. In fact, we have a passion for it. Big or small screen and wherever your viewers watch, it is an irresistible opportunity to fill a space with colourful pictures and words, to make a statement and say something. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to produce film, video, motion graphics and animation for all mediums: broadcast or non-broadcast television, events or commercial film. Whether it is internal or external communication, we can help you say what you need to say in a memorable way.

There is no point in making a program that nobody wants to watch. We want to make things interesting. Very interesting. We are Thunder and Lightning. The electrifying film company. 


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Call us and let’s talk. We can help to create video for any use. Don’t be shy – we can talk you through the processes to get the right piece of work for you.

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