Pizza Hut - A Shift In Focus

Film can really be used well to help teach important lessons for internal training in orrganisations. For Pizza Hut, reconstructing the consequences of when your concentration lapses at work proved very effective.

Although Pizza Hut have a very comprehensive induction training course on the impact of
food allergies to their guests, they found that younger team members in particular were not putting into practice what they had learned.

The challenge was to produce a short impactful video messaging that legal responsibility of food allergy incidents in restaurants rests with the individual – not necessarily the company – by showing what can happen – and the consequences – when focus lapses, without being preachy or off-putting.

We reconstructed a series of everyday-life and Pizza Hut work situations that illustrated how simple errors can escalate out of control. These were interspersed with senior management soundbite pieces-to-camera reassuring team members that Pizza Hut had put everything in place possible to eliminate food allergy incidents – but staff needed to take responsibility to implement the procedures.

The programme was received extremely well and had a positive impact throughout the business.





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