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We do one thing and we do it well – we create the moving image.

We are a full-service production company. That means we produce creative and cost-effective video programmes across any market sector, in a wide range of styles and to any given budget.

We have the knowledge and expertise to produce film, video, motion graphics and animation for all mediums. From TV commercials and programme idents, promotions, training, distance and e-learning, website and social media output and branding and marketing we’re committed to full pre-production planning to ensure all your objectives are delivered on message, on time, every time.

That means taking the time to understand who you are, separate your needs from your wants and include not just what you want to say, but also what your target audience wants and needs to hear.

And then, and only then, do we put it all together sorting out all the things you can’t or don’t want to do – like create concepts and scripts, cast, check compliance, pre-interview, schedule logistics… as well as shoot and edit – and deliver the creative and engaging programme you need.

And we make it all an enjoyable journey…. for everyone.


We have a production team featuring producers and directors with over twenty five years experience covering everything from broadcast commercials, events and high-end shoots to business television programming and marketing film. We do traditional filmmaking of course – scripting, producing, shooting and editing. But these days most video briefs are sophisticated mixture of film, design and animation. Our post-production team has the depth of skill and creative talent in editing, motion graphics, design and animation to make each film sing and dance.


We work as a Video Production Company for Communications, Marketing and Advertising Agencies as well as directly for clients with communications and marketing teams.

Our team can fit anywhere in the production process – whether you are an agency leading the concept and design, whether you have existing in-house capabilities looking to augment your video offer or if you are abusiness looking for the full creative production. 


We love the moving image. In fact, we have a passion for it. Big or small screen and wherever your viewers watch, it is an irresistible opportunity to fill a space with colourful pictures and words, to make a statement and say something.

We have the knowledge and expertise to produce film, video, motion graphics and animation for all mediums: broadcast or non-broadcast television, events or commercial film. Whether it is internal or external communication, we can help you say what you need to say in a memorable way.

There is no point in making a program that nobody wants to watch. We want to make things interesting. Very interesting. We are Thunder and Lightning. The electrifying film company.

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Call us and let’s talk. We can help to create video for any use. Don’t be shy - we can talk you through the processes to get the right piece of work for you.


Paul Morricone, Creative Director

Ed Marks, Senior Producer

T: 01274 878005

Thunder and Lightning Films Ltd.
Unit 36, Moorland Industrial Estate, Law Street, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 3QR

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