As a production company, the clue is in the name. We produce so everything is sorted.

With decades of experience in broadcast and commercial video production, we are a safe pair of hands. Our producers have the knowledge and eye for detail to leave no element of the production process untended.

As producers, we inhabit the brief and bring it to life. A forensic approach to pre-production means each shoot is planned out so you never have to worry about how things are supposed to happen. We know what is and isn’t possible and always take the lead on getting the most value out of a production budget.

For broadcast, our experience really shines. We will guide you through the planning, clearance and delivery of any TV campaign with an encyclopaedic knowledge of every stage of the approval process.

Co-ordination is ongoing through any of our projects. We know where to look for great locations, the right talent and the best resources. We can pave the way for any creative treatment and make it happen.




We love the moving image. In fact, we have a passion for it. Big or small screen and wherever your viewers watch, it is an irresistible opportunity to fill a space with colourful pictures and words, to make a statement and say something.

We have the knowledge and expertise to produce film, video, motion graphics and animation for all mediums: broadcast or non-broadcast television, events or commercial film. Whether it is internal or external communication, we can help you say what you need to say in a memorable way.

There is no point in making a program that nobody wants to watch. We want to make things interesting. Very interesting. We are Thunder and Lightning. The electrifying film company.

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Paul Morricone, Creative Director

Ed Marks, Senior Producer

T: 01274 878005

Thunder and Lightning Films Ltd.
Unit 36, Moorland Industrial Estate, Law Street, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 3QR

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